Jesus Feeds the 5000 Craft

Jesus feeds the 5000 loaves and fish craft
Jesus feeds the 5000 loaves and fish craft
Jesus feeds 5000 craft

Jesus Feeds the 5000 Craft

We tend to look for the deeper meanings in Bible stories because they are there and are rich and worthy. But, let’s take this story at face value…

A huge group of people, (possibly up to 20 thousand including women and children) were hungry, and Jesus multiplied food to satisfy their hunger. A MIRACLE!

(Tip: Print out a photo of a stadium that holds 20k people)

Jesus took their problem of hunger and made it His. No one would have expected Jesus and the disciples to cater for them all, but He saw a basic human need and met it – Jesus was probably really hungry after a long day too! 

This is a great story for children because there are so many angles we can look at this that make sense to a child. From the boy sharing what food he had, to Jesus performing a miracle, Jesus being able to work with what we give to make it greater, to how far this story would have spread as people shared what they witnessed. 

Also, Jesus feeding the 5000 is recorded in all four Gospels! Matthew 14:13–21, Mark 6:31–44, Luke 9:12–17 and John 6:1–14.

Materials & Equipment

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Colouring Tools
  • Scissors

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  1. Colour in.
  2. Cut on cut lines around bottom two character’s heads. 
  3. Score fold lines and fold! 

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