How Can We Help You?

I need a receipt.

You can find a receipt under My Account > Your Membership

I’d like to cancel my membership – will I get a refund?

Due to the nature of the product being not returnable, you will not receive a refund. If you cancel your membership (in your account settings), your membership will remain active until your annual membership expires.  

I’d like to upgrade from an Individual Membership to a Group Membership.

In this case, we will refund you the remaining days on your Individual Plan. Please contact us so we can issue a refund on the remainder of your Individual Membership.

Individual Membership

You may use these crafts in a private setting, at home with family and friends. You may store the files on your own personal storage, and print as many copies as you wish. You may not distribute in large groups, for promotion, or for events. 

If you occasionally volunteer at church, you may use these crafts no more than once a month for these occasions without the need to purchase a group membership.

If you cancel your membership, you may still use whatever crafts you downloaded for personal use only. 

You may not distribute the crafts for profit. 

Group Membership

Holding a group membership gives you license to use any of the resources on this website in a group setting (e.g. church). You may print as many copies of the resources as you wish. 

You may not distribute the files as part of your own resource database (e.g. Allowing church members to download crafts as they wish), unless it is assigned to a lesson/program.

If you cancel your Group Membership, you forfeit the right to use these crafts.

You may not distribute the crafts for profit. 

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